Marc Cary
Abstrakt / Blak


June 27, 2006


1. Abstrakt Blak
2. Blak Is Back
3. A Platform
4. Pocket Lint
5. This Is
6. Across 125th
7. Harlem @ Last
8. All I Ever Wanted
9. Out Of Time
10. Dream Deferred


AbSTraKT BlaK is a musical movement in sound, ambiance, rhythm and word. This document describes a journey through the world of art. It started as a commission to compose a single song that could evoke the emotions of some of the artists who started the Studio Museum in Harlem. It turned into a CD that goes well into the heart and emotions of the time period we know as the Harlem Renaissance. The spirits of Jazz, Hip-Hop, GoGo, Afro-Carribean, Bebop, Ambient, Spoken Word and R&B are all evoked. We describe Abstrakt Blak as the soundtrack to the new Harlem Renaissance. This CD takes you to the here and now as it relates to the struggles, hard work and genius put forth by our forefathers.

The inexplicable alchemy which occurs when the power of two is greaterr than one has magic to it. A magic we are often at a loss to understand, but one which chnages each of us as we are exposd and drawn into its power.

Shon "Chance" Miller and Marc Cary in some regards could not be more different. Chance - MC/poet/producer/entrepreneur is fully in charge of his hustle, his game and his flow. He's a restless visionary always on the look out for the next oppurtunity or challenge. And Marc - keyboard prodigy/composer/philosopher and constant seeker of the creative muse. Suave, sophisticated and possessing an effortless cool, it is sometimes what is not said that best defines Marc's thoughtful and spiritual vibe.

The goals of these two creators are loftty. The duo has opened up a studio/gallery/ performace space and production company, in the landmarked LANGSTON HUGHES HOUSE in Harlem, once home to the legendary poet whose spirit is honored here in a musical version of his poem HARLEM: A DREAM DEFERRED. The Hughes House was dormant and had fallen into disrepair, but now it is filled again with spirit, light and creative talent and music. Always music.

Abstrakt Blak is the first of many volumes to come from Marc Cary & Shon "Chance" Miller's new XR (CrossRhodes) Project. Find out more at, the and

Abstrakt / Blak

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