Joe Locke
Wish Upon A Star


January 8, 2013


1. Available In Blue
2. When You Wish Upon A Star
3. Sword of Whispers
4. Where Is Love
5. Moon River
6. The Moon For Her


Whereas Signing had a contemporary, powerhouse feel, and Wish upon a Star was painted across a large orchestral canvas, this new release is an album of blues and ballads which makes an emotional connection via its utter sincerity, and its ability to deliver lyrical melodies which can literally pluck the strings of one's heart.

In Locke's words: , "This music is meant to provide respite for folks who work hard every day and need an opportunity to slow down and be reacquainted with that certain "something" which eludes most of us in the midst of the whirlwind which is modern life. I can't put a name to what that "something" is, but if this music hits its mark, perhaps you will know what to call it.

There is no highbrow concept here, just some songs pulled from a deep well, which will hopefully serve to feed the soul. Most of them (even the ballads) are imbued with the blues, in form or sentiment. I'm grateful to the composers represented here, whose songs have touched my heart, made me wanna dance, or simply put a smile on my face."

Wish Upon A Star

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