Pepper Adams Joy Road Project
Joy Road: The Complete Works of Pepper Adams, Volumes 1-5


September 12, 2012


Volume 1

1.Muezzin' (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
2. Ephemera (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
3. Civilization and Its Discontents (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
4. Valse Celtique (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
5. Dobbin' (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
6. Etude Diabolique (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
7. Reflectory (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
8. I Carry Your Heart (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
9. Conjuration (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
10. Bossa Nouveau (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
11. Doctor Deep (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio
12. Beaubien (Volume 1) Jeremy Kahn Trio

Volume 2

1. Cindy's Tune (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
2. Lovers of Their Time (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
3. Twelfth and Pingree (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
4. Ad Astra (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
5. Like...What Is This (Volume 2)
6. Bossallegro (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
7. Claudette's Way (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
8. Mary's Blues (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
9. Trentino (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
10. Apothegm (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet
11. Inanout (Volume 2) Kevin Bales Quartet

Volume 3

1. Excerent (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
2. Philson (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
3. Libeccio (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
4. What Is This (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
5. Binary (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
6. In Love With Night (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
7. A Winters Tale (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
8. Joy Road (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
9. Urban Dreams (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
10. Witches Pit (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet
11. Freddie Froo (Volume 3) Frank Basile Sextet

Volume 4

1. Enchilada Baby (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
2. Julian (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
3. Rue Serpente (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
4. Dylan's Delight (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
5. Patrice (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
6. Now in Our Lives (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
7. Jirge (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
8. Hellure (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet
9. Diabolique II (Volume 4) Jeremy Kahn Quartet

Volume 5 (Alexis Cole)

1. In Love With Night (Volume 5)
2. I Carry Your Heart (Volume 5)
3. Now in Our Lives (Volume 5)
4. Urban Dreams (Volume 5)
5. Julian (Volume 5)
6. Civilization and Its Discontents (Volume 5)
7. Lovers of Their Time (Volume 5)
8. Reprise: I Carry Your Heart (Volume 5: Duo Version)


How do you bring attention to the compositional genius of a jazz artist, who, though internationally beloved by colleagues as one of the greatest baritone saxophonists to ever live, has been marginalized by history books and ignored as a composer? That, in sum, presents the quixotic challenge taken on by Gary Carner with his digital box set, JOY ROAD: The Complete Works of Pepper Adams (Volumes 1-5), coming September 11 from Motéma Music, and his exhaustively researched book, Pepper Adams' Joy Road: An Annotated Discography, out simultaneously from Scarecrow Press.

In connection with these two grand undertakings, Motéma will also release two physical CDs: a stand-alone version of Volume 5, I Carry Your Heart: Alexis Cole Sings Pepper Adams, singled out because it documents the first-ever versions of Adams' music to be paired with lyrics; and the JOY ROAD SAMPLER, a CD of highlights from the digital box set that shall be made available for sale in stores and online.

With Volumes 1-4, the 43-composition oeuvre was complete, but Carner had one more mission to fulfill. He had heard of Pepper's unfulfilled wish to have lyrics set to his seven ballads. So, for the vital fifth volume, Carner engaged poet Barry Wallenstein (one of his literary mentors) to pen original lyrics. Award-winning vocalist Alexis Cole (also a Motéma artist), performs on this session, arranged and led by Jeremy Kahn, with both Eric Alexander and Pat LaBarbera featured on tenor saxes.

The fifth volume completes Carner's massive tribute on a highly original note. Resetting Adams' seven ballads in different tempos and styles, and pairing them with Wallenstein's richly literary lyrics, serves as an especially fitting tribute to the creative, witty, well-read jazz legend who had named many of his compositions after famous literary works, such as "Lovers of Their Time". The songs also add seven luscious new additions to the vocal jazz canon.

Joy Road: The Complete Works of Pepper Adams, Volumes 1-5

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